About the Relaxed Hustle

A recovering over-achiever and stress addict, Sky Jarrett is no stranger to burn-out. A single mom in survival mode, Rain had her fair share of stress and overwhelm. Collectively, these two powerhouse sisters have a shared experience of losing both their parents in a short 3-years while also building a thriving business during the pandemic. 

With full recognition that life is both beautiful and hard, and with a deep commitment to building lives of legacy and impact, the Relaxed Hustle© has become our new formula for success…where we can commit to transforming the world and also have a high quality of joy and ease while we’re doing it. 

At the heart of the Relaxed Hustle© is the philosophy that success doesn’t have to be a trade-off between achievement and personal fulfilment…we can have both! We deserve both! 

For too long we’ve been working with an outdated model of success and it’s time we define success on our terms. 

We’ve entered a new frontier of liberation! An era where we liberate ourselves from the capitalistic mental slavery that our worth is our productivity and instead, we, as a collective, can globalize a new standard of success that builds not only generational wealth and impact but also generational rest!


About Us

The Faces Behind Relaxed Hustle©️

Powerhouse sisters, Rain and Sky are on a mission to globalize the Relaxed Hustle© as a new standard of success! 

Born in Kingston, Jamaica to two iconic parents… “Carrot” from the international reggae bands Third World and sisters born to two iconic legends. Our dad, Carrot Jarrett from Third World 

We’re Rain + Sky, 2 sisters in our Relaxed Hustle©️ era. Growing up in Jamaica (place where you grew) created a hunger for “more” in life. We were told “if you want it, you must work hard for it & never give up.”  So we did. During that time, the No Days Off movement was going hard in corporate and we followed suit. Our parents didn’t raise no punks, and working hard wasn’t new to us.

Working 12+hrs, missing holidays and loved-ones celebrations, giving up everything but WORK, so we could have the life we dreamed of consumed us. 

In 2020 we lost both of our parents within (time frame). We felt rocked. Our rocks and life loves taken from us and we had spent most of our time pursuing greatness instead of being with greatness. We truly believe that life’s rocks build the foundation of our next big move…this is when the Rleaxed Hustle was born. 

is not just a concept, it's a movement that embraces both ambition-driven work and a commitment to personal well-being. 

A middle ground where you can find fulfillment while pursuing their goals, without sacrificing inner peace. In a society fixated on constant advancement and the belief that busyness equals productivity, Relaxed Hustle©️ challenges these notions and advocates for a life of comfort and ease. 

We believes that success should not be a trade-off between achievement and personal fulfillment, and instead places value on the quality of life, work, and relationships. 

By prioritizing quality over quantity, Relaxed Hustle©️ offers a new era of being rejecting the corrupt aspects of capitalism so we can experience success and fulfillment together. 

The Relaxed Hustle© is our path to liberation! 

Liberated from the belief that our only worth is our productivity.


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